What They Say...

"This way, you don't pay for pitchers you don't drink, the beer stays cold, and you can refill whenever you feel like it.  TableTender is innovative, ground-breaking, and just plain cool! It takes "bottle/table service" to a whole new level."

Ted Kasemir, CEO, Restaurants America

"It's an interactive experience that keeps people coming back for more."

Jon Wright, Owner, El Hefe

"I would recommend the TableTender system to anyone interested.  It literally paid for itself in 1-2 years."

Mike Russell, GM Ramada

About Our Products

Table Tap LLC provides a range of technology solutions to the hospitality industry. We specialize in our TableTender and rWall "Pour Your Own Beer" system solutions. We have several "P.Y.O.B." system options with different features, from food and drink ordering on iPads, to simply self pour beer, to the most flexible and simple to use EPOS on the market; the commonality between all these being that they will increase your revenue and cut your costs.

All of our products can be fully integrated via the EPOS, so whether you want just one product or a range of products, you will only have one system to deal with, and all your data in one place. You can also be assured that any new products that you decide to take on will slot neatly into your set up.